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Our History

The McKinleyville Shopping Center was built  by Ernest Pierson, who also hand-carved the world's largest totem pole, still a hallmark of the shopping center and the town.  The Food Mart Grocery was the first store to open its doors at the shopping center in 1956, followed soon after by Ron's Villa Pharmacy and several others.

Over the years, the shopping center has been home to some of the most excellent and long-lived businesses in McKinleyville, catering to the local community's shopping and service needs, and supporting and promoting local businesses.  

McKinleyville Shopping Center Groundbreaking, 1956

Our Present

More than fifty years after its original opening, the McKinleyville Shopping Center continues to evolve to fit the needs of our growing, changing community. Our goal is to offer quality and convenience in a beautiful, well-kept environment.  It's a great place in town where you can mail a package, have lunch or a cup of coffee, get a haircut, buy clothing, groceries, car parts, and gifts and maybe even take a dance class--all without getting back into your car.  There really is something for everyone, and we hope you'll come visit us and support our wonderful merchants today!

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